Dark Shadows

2012 is really an amazing year, a lot of things that people can enjoy of, such new technologies; new release movies and a lot of fun that makes people forgot to look back what happened many years ago.

How about bringing you in year 1972? Do you think it will still be funny experience? Well, by watching this one of the new release movies of this year Dark Shadows then it would not be just a funny experience but an amazing adventure as well.

Google self-driving car

For those guys out there who are really into cars, here is something from Google that really fits for you. Check this out the new technology that that would really amaze you.

This is Google's self-driving car with a goal of having more enjoyable, safer and more efficient driving along the road. For sure you are wondering how come a car can drive on its own? Well it’s simply because Google uses an array of sensors that navigate public roads without anyone inside the car driving it. 

Battleship 2012

Are you a fan of the game called Battleship? what if this game turns into reality? will you still play and enjoy this so called sea battle?

Well, wanna answer those questions? then better watch this latest upcoming movie of 2012 entitled Battleship it's An American fiction naval combat film that would really take your heart into it's fastest beat with it's unbelievable and breath taking scenes.

Google's Augmented Reality Glass

Hey guys! Watch out for this latest and coolest invention made by Google, the Project Glass. Wow! Google really wants us to be with the latest always. With this latest Gadget we will be able to experience the real beauty of dealing with latest technologies.

Google's Augmented Reality Glass was just a concept video before, but now this was made come true. This latest project glass of Google works for us to use voice commands, set appointments, listen to the latest and old music and even hanging out with friends and having some pictures.

I kissed a vampire

Hey guys!  check it out , the latest movie of this year that would really rock your world in a very unique and exciting way as it will make you dance,sing and fall in love to the Vampires.

I kissed a vampire is a latest rock musical movie of the year that was released last March 30, 2012.This movie has a lot of similarities to High School musical, they both focus more in music and teenagers life but unlike the mentioned a while movie,I kissed a vampire uses Pop and rock music that really makes every scene more exciting.