Pacific Rims Spoilers

The world was stunned when Guillermo Del Toro’s “Hell Boy” and “Pan’s Labyrinth” were launched on the movie screens. This made Del Toro’s fans to highly anticipate his new and upcoming summer flick for 2013, the “Pacific Rim”.

The Film Overview

July 11, 2013 is the most awaited date by millions of Del Toro aficionados as it will be the time his latest movie, Pacific Rim, will be launched. This sci-fi movie is directed by Del Toro and was written by Travis Beacham. It has a $200 million film budget making it one of the biggest movies of the year and probably the best summer film of 2013.

Monster University Spoiler

It almost took 12 years for Disney/Pixar to get a sequel of the 2001’s hit movie “Monsters Inc.” But on June 21, 2013, we will finally see the sequel entitled Monster University that would certainly make huge box office numbers.

Monster University Overview

The movie is directed by Dan Scanlon and this time around he replaced not just one, not two but three of the credited directors from the original film and the producer is Kori Rae. Voice talents are John Goodman (Sully), Billy Crystal (Mike), Steve Buscemi (Randall Boggs), Julia Sweeney (TBA), Dave Foley (TBA), Peter Sohn (TBA) and Joel Murray (Don Carlson).

Elysium Spoilers

Another exciting movie craze will be out for this season. The movie “Elysium” has already made its mark and many viewers are excited to take a glimpse of it. What is it all about? Well, it is for you to find out, but if you can’t hold your horses until its release, here is the Elysium spoiler.

Get thrilled with the American upcoming sci-fi film “Elysium” which was written and directed by Neill Blomkamp. It’s a complete blend of action and drama that could bring mixed emotions with its heartening and breathtaking scenes.

Man of Steel Spoilers

Everyone is excited of Superman’s comeback. This 2013, the man of steel returns to the big screen, and he is to be back in two years.

The film overview

Fans from all over the world are waiting for June 14, 2013, when Man of Steel will be released. This superhero movie is produced by Christopher Nolan, scripted by David Goyer, and directed by Zach Snyder. This is basically a remake of the Superman movie series which is based on DC Comics’ Superman. Moreover, Brandon Routh took off the cape as this time Henry Cavill portrays Clark Kent/ Superman. Meanwhile, Amy Adams is Lois Lane, and General Zod’s role is taken by Michael Shannon.

Google Maps and Earth Updated: High Resolution Imagery Encourages Wanderlust

In line with Google’s mission which is to organize the world’s information and to make it universally accessible and useful, this influential international company again releases a latest update of their Maps and Earth this month. After they publicized their imagery updates for Google Maps and Earth in the month of September, Google just recently announced new updates in its 45°, aerial and satellite imagery.