I kissed a vampire

Hey guys!  check it out , the latest movie of this year that would really rock your world in a very unique and exciting way as it will make you dance,sing and fall in love to the Vampires.

I kissed a vampire is a latest rock musical movie of the year that was released last March 30, 2012.This movie has a lot of similarities to High School musical, they both focus more in music and teenagers life but unlike the mentioned a while movie,I kissed a vampire uses Pop and rock music that really makes every scene more exciting.

I kissed a vampire is the story about a teenager guy who's trying to save his life as well as his love life after knowing that he's slowly turning into a Vampire.Starring to this movie are Lucas Grabeel as Dylan ,Drew Seeley as Trey and the new comer in Holly wood Adrian Slade as Sarah the beautiful and cool girlfriend of Dylan.

Don't be the last one to rock with the Vampires under the darkness.Be with Dylan  and Get the music into your blood.


Angelnowhere said...


I love a rock vampire musical...I have been a fan of Vampire's since i was young. I couldn't help it. Vampires have never scared me and I just can't get enough of them.

You should really check it out if you like vampires You can even hear it here: http://crimsonchocrus.com

Angelnowhere said...


Roniel Elemino said...

thansk Angelnowhere ,for leaving a comment really appreciated....

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