Google self-driving car

For those guys out there who are really into cars, here is something from Google that really fits for you. Check this out the new technology that that would really amaze you.

This is Google's self-driving car with a goal of having more enjoyable, safer and more efficient driving along the road. For sure you are wondering how come a car can drive on its own? Well it’s simply because Google uses an array of sensors that navigate public roads without anyone inside the car driving it. 

Google car

What are the components of this Google self-driving car?

  • Lidar a rotating sensor on the roof that scans more than 200 feet in all directions.
  • Video camera this is mounted near the rear-view mirror, this it to detect traffic lights and helps the  computer on board recognize moving obstacles.
  • Radar these are four standard automotive radar sensors, three of these are in front and the other one is placed on the rear of the car, these sensors help to determine the positions of far objects.
  • Position Estimator this is a sensor put on the left rear wheel that measures every small movement of the car and that helps to locate accurately the position on the map. 
Another new technology made by Google. Meanwhile this car has not yet commercially develops by Google's system but they are hoping to develop a business that will market the system and data behind this masterpiece.

This new technology makes a promising look at what are the kinds of technologies that in the future would be delivered to the society.

What do you think will be the next? self-driving Airplane? Well, who knows? Just keep updated and Beonlatest.

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self driving car...then all drivers will be unemployed :)

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