Top 10 most popular mobile applications of 2012

The amazing year of 2012 is almost over, in line with this is the rapid growth of mobile being used as basis in making latest gadgets and applications. The era of computers is also said to be on its ending phase In fact, from the beginning of this year, thousands of mobile base applications has been published by different companies, yet among those, only few got the crowds attentions. So without further ado, here is the latest list of top 10 and most popular mobile applications of 2012.   

 10. Piwik Mobile

Piwik is an open source mobile application that is mostly used by website owners or most commonly known as webmasters to keep track on their websites analytics. Basically, it is an alternative for Google analytics. It provides a detailed statistics about the most important factors of a website for its growth like visitors, traffic, and search engines status. The best thing about this application is that it provides all of those statistics in real time and it’s completely free.

9. Evernote peek

Evernote peek is one of the latest school materials mobile applications of this year. This application is mostly used by college students; it’s giving them an easier way in making notes or in preparing their selves for quizzes. One thing also that makes this as one of the most popular mobile application of this year is that studying using this application is full of fun and just natural. By lifting the Smart Cover you can see clues about things that you forgot then you can easily close and repeat things.

8. Skyfire

Skyfire, one of the top most used free mobile browsers of this year. Unlike the other browsers, it provides a better user experiences in terms of browsing the mobile internet with its innovative optimization and advance browsing solutions. This application also enables user to play a high quality streaming flash video and because of this things, no wonder why this application has been downloaded by more than 17 million as of year 2012 by over 150 countries all around the world.

7. Drop box

Drop box a free mobile application that enables you to bring your files like important documents , images from your important memories and videos of your unforgettable experiences in one place where you can access and share them easily anywhere and anytime you want. It also saves you time in saving those files because you can easily add files using any of your device like laptop , personal computer and mobile.

6. UberTwitter

Ubertwitter or so cold UberSocial , it is considered as the most used full-featured twitter mobile application and are now currently available in iPhone , Kindle fire , Black Berry and Android. This application will keep you up-to-dated and still connected to all the things are happening while you are on-the-go. With its real time updates, you can enjoy a better and amazing twitter experience plus it’s a very user friendly application that you can easily customizes things. You can choose from a variety of themes from Sherlock Holmes, Ashton Kutcher , 50 Cent and many more.

5. Google earth

Google earth: Unlike Google maps, Google earth is being offered not only for android mobile but for IOS as well. If Google maps help you to find nearby places, Google earth offers you an all around the world tour without you going there yourself. With its new 3D imagery that really copies the original structures from known and unknown places of the world, you’ll really enjoy flying in just a touch of a button. The best thing about this as well is that while you are enjoying yourself traveling the globe, you can easily zoom, Pan and tilt your view anytime you want.

4. Picasa tool pro

Picasa tool pro is a mobile application made by Google that is available for computer with an operating system like Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. It is also available in mobile but for Android only. It helps user to easily manage their Picasa Web albums and Google photos in a very convenient way. Picasa tool pro also offers Photo editing like enhancing contrasts, lights, add beautiful effects, draw and many more. Last thing is that you can view your images in a grid or slideshow format depending on what you prefer.

3. iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio is a completely free all-in-one digital radio service allows users to search about thousands of Live radio stations. Users can select artists and songs he wants to listen; users don’t need to really specify songs because it will also automatically play those related songs from those songs or artists they choose. They can also select song genres like country, rock, pop love songs and urban. The best thing about this application is that you can rate DJs by giving them thumbs up or thumbs down depending on how you rate those songs they played.

2. Google maps

Google maps is an application made only for Android mobile that enables user to go wherever they want with an ease and more convenient way. It helps user to easily locate places nearby, with the information they needed are already presented in very understandable format. Google maps also offer a GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation to your specified destination. As a user you can also get a FREE voice-guided navigation whether you are walking, at home or even when you are driving plus the estimated time it takes for you to arrive in your destination is already given.

1. Opera Mobile

Opera Mobile, it is the most commonly used browser by almost all mobile and tablet users. With its light weight, you’ll really enjoy a fast and clean Internet browsing experience. Opera Mobile also has some features that other browsers don’t have like extensions and themes. Opera also helps users to save money by reducing the data usage substantially in the way that it compresses Web Pages up to 90%.Opera also updates every now and then adding more and more ways to make mobile browsing convenient as it is in a normal computer.

That's the top 10 most popular mobile application of this year.Do you have them all? if not , then better grab them now!


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