Many people agree that the Xbox one could have had better reception. The fact however is that the console business is getting tighter even with the re4lease of the PS4. The idea behind the console was having one machine that dominates all your TV external device needs right form network gaming to playing the next generation games. The console is a movie player, Skype video caller, live TV and music player. This was received by many critics and praises from the gaming fraternity with various views. This is what you may call your entertainment in a box. The PS3 and the Xbox 360 already had enough multifunctional features. We all knew that this was to happen at some point anyway. PS and Xbox had planned on it. This was just a matter of time with consoles able to out date DVD players, decoders, internet routers and many other gadgets in the home. This may have the advantage of clearing up the space under the TV the question however is how does it perform with all these functions?