Battleship 2012

Are you a fan of the game called Battleship? what if this game turns into reality? will you still play and enjoy this so called sea battle?

Well, wanna answer those questions? then better watch this latest upcoming movie of 2012 entitled Battleship it's An American fiction naval combat film that would really take your heart into it's fastest beat with it's unbelievable and breath taking scenes.
Battleship 2012

Battleship is based on the children naval war game also called Battleship.Before,this game  played only with pencil and paper but today it's already played in video games and this coming May 18, 2012 this game will turn into a real battle between Naval feet and Aliens.

Starring In this latest upcoming movie of the year are 
So get yourselves ready this May because Battle for Earth will bring not warm to your Summer but WAR.

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