Pacific Rims Spoilers

The world was stunned when Guillermo Del Toro’s “Hell Boy” and “Pan’s Labyrinth” were launched on the movie screens. This made Del Toro’s fans to highly anticipate his new and upcoming summer flick for 2013, the “Pacific Rim”.

The Film Overview

July 11, 2013 is the most awaited date by millions of Del Toro aficionados as it will be the time his latest movie, Pacific Rim, will be launched. This sci-fi movie is directed by Del Toro and was written by Travis Beacham. It has a $200 million film budget making it one of the biggest movies of the year and probably the best summer film of 2013.

The story of this sci-fi movie is about two separate worlds: the earth and the “Antiverse”. The conflict started when an alien attack jeopardizes the world’s existence. This assault is composed of a legion of monstrous creatures named as “Kaiju”. When Kaijus arise from the sea in Osaka, Japan, the earth has always been experiencing wars, resulting to multiple casualties to both human lives and their resources.

To battle against these alien villains, the human race has to do something. They create a special type of weapon in the form of gigantic robots called “Jaegers” that will need two simultaneous pilots for control. The pilots’ minds are locked in a neutral bridge.

However, this massive robot machines seem to be defenseless against the unyielding villains. Facing on the edge of defeat, mankind has no other option but to activate their abandoned former pilot and an inexperience trainee to be their unlikely heroes. They are played by Charlie Hunnam and Rinko Kikuch. The two are teamed up to take over in this epic battle and drive the seemingly archaic Jaeger making them the last hope to solve this dilemma.

The Spoilers

Are you excited to watch this movie? Or you just want to be ahead of the story so that you can share information with your friends? Well, you are probably looking for some Pacific Rim Spoilers.

There are couples of interesting features of this movie which will definitely boost your enthusiasm. To squeeze out some eagerness, here are the rumored Pacific Rim Spoilers:

Graphic Setup

If you already watched Del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth and Hell Boy movie, try to recall those movies and observe the setting. This will give you a picture of what Antiverse looks like.

The Protagonist

The main hero and the pilot of the Jaeger, Raleigh Antrobust, seem like our typical heroes who have secrets from the past. He remains emotional because of his brother and co-pilot’s death. Furthermore, expect how he deals with the language barrier with his partner who is Japanese.

The Technology

Beacham has designed a unique fictional scientific and military jargon. Expect surprising weaponries like the film “Avatar” uses but of more unique concept.

There they are

July 11 is getting nearer. Thus, expect more Pacific Rim spoilers to come which you may read over the web. However, one thing is for sure – this film is as good as real!

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