Dark Shadows

2012 is really an amazing year, a lot of things that people can enjoy of, such new technologies; new release movies and a lot of fun that makes people forgot to look back what happened many years ago.

How about bringing you in year 1972? Do you think it will still be funny experience? Well, by watching this one of the new release movies of this year Dark Shadows then it would not be just a funny experience but an amazing adventure as well.

Johnny Depp

Dark Shadows is a new release movie that will bring you back to the time where all of the things that you can see and experience nowadays are not yet present. It’s quite boring to listen right? But Dark Shadows will make 1972 opposite from what you are expecting it to be.

Okay, I will tell you something about Dark Shadows, It’s about the life of a rich, powerful and an inveterate playboy Barnabas Collins (Johnny Deep) .The whole story begins when he makes the grave mistake of breaking the heart of Angelique Bouchard (Eva Green) she is a witch and because of hate, he turns Barnabas into a Vampire and burred him alive. After 2 Centuries it was then 1972…

Want to know what’s next? Then better watch and discover yourself how they turn 1972 in to a funny and amazing year.

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