Best Animation Movies of All Time for the Kids

Children are great fans of animations and watching animated movies is favorite pastime activity for people of all ages. Whether your kids are in a vacation or are spending some ideal time, the animated movies are a true pastime. Want to know the best animated movies of all time? Come on, take a look at this list…a collection of the top ten animated kid’s movies are mentioned here.

Check out the list and see whether your favorite movie is there in it.

1 Cars

Best Animation Movies
The Cars
This was a top movie in the animation series in 2006. The story of Cars revolves around a racing car which got lost while racing in the roads of California. In the whole process, it is portrayed how Lightning get some lessons on friendship. Will he be able to remember what lessons he learnt in Radiator Spring? Such questions can only be answered, if you watch the movie. This is a great movie for the youths as well as the grownups.
Adventure, love and friendship are what focused in this movie.

2 The Little Mermaid

Best Animation Movies
Little Mermaid
For kids, this is the best animated movie of all. Walt Disney Studios released this movie which got 2 Oscars. You must be acquainted with the storyline of this movie. You have to watch the movie, if you wish to take the taste of it. Little girls are found to love the character of Little Mermaid. Does your kid fall in the same category? Then it will be one timeless classic movie for her as well like the others.

3 Toy Story and Toy Story 2

Best Animation Movies
Toy Story 2

Yes, you have got it right. Here there are two movies in the sequel. One is not complete without the other. It is a big hit in the box office and that is why it holds one of the top positions in the list of animated movies for children. Watch the movie to understand the sequel.

4 Beauty and the Beast

Best Animation Movies
Beauty and the Beast
Who is not aware of the story of this famous fairytale? Disney Studio has gifted this top animated movie of all time to the children. This Oscar winning film has a great appeal to its audience, even to the older ones.

5 Monsters Inc

Best Animation Movies
Monster Inc
This is the monster smash hit from Disney Studios. The film won Oscar for producing the Best song in a motion picture. Everything in this movie has some unique appeal to the kids. Download this movie, your child will surely be hooked to it.

6 Aladdin

Best Animation Movies
This is another masterpiece creation of Disney. It won 2 Grammies, 3 Golden Globes and 2 Oscars. Most of the boys love to be Aladdin and desire to make wishes like him. Have you still not checked this classic movie from Disney? What are you waiting for? It is worth watching it!

7 Shrek and Shrek 2…Now Shrek The Third

Best Animation Movies
Shrek the third
This a trio of animation movies offered to the young generation. For most viewers, Shrek and Shrek 2 are on top of the listing. They are so appealing! You know love the movies much alike the children! Yes, it is true…Securing the top position in the animated films; it acquired more than 455 million viewers across the world. Can you believe it? Will Shrek The Fourth match the series??? Let’s see.

8 The Incredibles

Best Animation Movies
This is a favorite kids’ movie of all time. The movie displays the action of the Incredibles. This is another collaboration of Pixar and Disney to take it to the top of the list of animated movies.

9 The Lion King

Best Animation Movies
The Lion King
Children love to watch this movie since its release in 1994. Many viewers regard to be one of the best movies released by Disney. Do you feel the same? Watch the movie and take the pleasure of the vocal track of Jonathan Taylor Thomas! This is also an Oscar winning film on offering for you.

10 Finding Nemo

Best Animation Movies
Finding Nemo
Ending the list of the top class animation movies is Finding Nemo. This has acquired the top position because of its box office smash hit. This film is loved and adored by the ones who are young at heart, who are young at age and also by the critics. In this film, you get to hear the voice of Albert Brooks voicing for the character of Marlin.       
Is your movie in the list? Are you willing to add one from this? Check it out and decide yourself…

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cheila mae Magallanes said...

Now I realized I got a good taste of best animation movie.. I got 5 favorites on the list: Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Toy Story 2, Monster Inc and Finding Nemo. Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Best are my All time Favorite and FYI everyone there's a part 2 of little mermaid about Ariel and Erick's daughter Melody who lured by Morgana the crazy sister of Ursula.She's kinda like her mother but she wants to have a tail instead.Toy Story 2 made me cry.

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