Monster University Spoiler

It almost took 12 years for Disney/Pixar to get a sequel of the 2001’s hit movie “Monsters Inc.” But on June 21, 2013, we will finally see the sequel entitled Monster University that would certainly make huge box office numbers.

Monster University Overview

The movie is directed by Dan Scanlon and this time around he replaced not just one, not two but three of the credited directors from the original film and the producer is Kori Rae. Voice talents are John Goodman (Sully), Billy Crystal (Mike), Steve Buscemi (Randall Boggs), Julia Sweeney (TBA), Dave Foley (TBA), Peter Sohn (TBA) and Joel Murray (Don Carlson).

Monster University Spoilers

The story revolves around two inseparable monsters, James P. Sullivan and Mike Wazowski. However, that wasn't always the case because before these cuddly scare experts become scream refinery top producers, they had to learn the ropes at college and they were used to be feudal college roommates.
In Monster University, it will take us of how these two overcome their differences and became the best of friends. Here are some stories that will be shed light or otherwise known as Monster University Spoiler.

Minor Monster University Spoilers Ahead

Monster University isn't just about life on the dormitory. It will take you into the raucous monster fraternity situation as well. It all started when Mike and Sully got kicked out from scare program at the University where they need to set aside their rivalry and team-up for them to get back into the program.
Moreover, the only way for them to get back is to join a fraternity known as Oozma Kappa and to compete in The Scare Games. Alas, this “okay” frat is far from being “okay”. In the raise against other Fraternities such as The House Bunny and Revenge of the Nerds, Sully and Mike soon discovered that the frat they joined is for the castaway monsters.
These castaways include Don Carlton, a middle-aged monster, Terri and Terry the Siamese monsters twins and Art, and Squishy, the Ubiquitous dorm stoner. These un-cool monsters dubbed their frat house living room as the “Party Central” which isn't really true.
Sully and Mike are not very pleased with their new frat brothers and realized that it was basically up to them if they want Oozma Kappa to join the Scare Games. When they are about to hit the hay, Mike and Sully heard strange noises coming from the basement, and so off they investigate.
They had discovered that their frat brothers were on the process of a creepy initiation ritual, dressed with cloaks and with carried candlelight. However, it was quickly interrupted because the lights were turned on revealing the basement to be a laundry room.
For now, let’s keep it that way. As the launching day draw nearer, there will be a lot of Monster University Spoiler that will be coming in your way. This funny scurry movie will be giving you a lot of fun on June 21, 2013. So just sit back, relax and enjoy.

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