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Another exciting movie craze will be out for this season. The movie “Elysium” has already made its mark and many viewers are excited to take a glimpse of it. What is it all about? Well, it is for you to find out, but if you can’t hold your horses until its release, here is the Elysium spoiler.

Get thrilled with the American upcoming sci-fi film “Elysium” which was written and directed by Neill Blomkamp. It’s a complete blend of action and drama that could bring mixed emotions with its heartening and breathtaking scenes.


Plot: Elysium spoiler

Elysium gives a futuristic view of the overpopulated Earth. By the year 2159, people are divided into two classes. The first class is referred to as the wealthy individuals who lives on a perfect picturesque man-made space station named as the Elysium while the other group is left behind on the ruined and struggling Earth.

With this, the people of Earth are desperate enough to escape crime and poverty. The need for medical care is constantly on hike and such quality care is available on Elysium. This sparks the remnants’ pursuit to get into Elysium by all means.

On the other hand, the government official Secretary Rhodes, starred by Jodie Foster, wanted to maintain the lavish lifestyle of the inhabitants of Elysium. With this, anti-immigration laws were enforced but the people who were left behind (Earth) are still on pursuit to cross over.

Bringing light to the demoralizing scene, ex-convict Max, whose life is hanging in the balance, reluctantly accepted a dangerous mission where he stands against the hard-line forces of the secretary. If he succeeded, it will save his life but most importantly can bring balance to the two and divided world.

Elysium spoiler anatomy

The release is scheduled on March 1, 2013. But beforehand, Sony Pictures had intended to release it in the late 2012 just after the film was first announced. Later on, March 8, 2013 has become the official release date to prevent competition against “Oz the Great and Powerful”. By the year October 2012, it was pushed to August 9, 2013 in US while as for UK, it’s September 20, 2013.

Elysium is starred by talented personalities such as:
  •  Matt Damon played the role of Max
  •  Jodie Foster as the hard-nosed Secretary Rhodes
  •  Wagner Moura as Spider
  •  Diego Luna as took the role as Julio
  •  Alice Braga played as Fray
  •  Emma Tremblay assumed Matilda
  •  William Fichtner as the ‘CEO of Armadyne’
  •  Sharlto Copley as ‘Kruger’
  •  Carly Pope
  •  Michael Shanks
  •  Faran  Tahir

This extravagant movie production cost is $120 million. By July 2011, its production began in Vancouver, BC and the reshoots was on-going until October 2012.

Taking it all wrap-up

Elysium is the most awaited movie of the generation. It is a futuristic situation that would depict the eagerness and will-power of humanity to survive in an unfavorable environment— sickness, poverty and crimes. Never miss the high-caliber personalities and thrilling scenes that could literally make you jump off your seat. So be enthralled and wait for its release. Enjoy!

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