Man of Steel Spoilers

Everyone is excited of Superman’s comeback. This 2013, the man of steel returns to the big screen, and he is to be back in two years.

The film overview

Fans from all over the world are waiting for June 14, 2013, when Man of Steel will be released. This superhero movie is produced by Christopher Nolan, scripted by David Goyer, and directed by Zach Snyder. This is basically a remake of the Superman movie series which is based on DC Comics’ Superman. Moreover, Brandon Routh took off the cape as this time Henry Cavill portrays Clark Kent/ Superman. Meanwhile, Amy Adams is Lois Lane, and General Zod’s role is taken by Michael Shannon.

Man of Steel Spoilers
Man of Steel
Superman lovers already have an idea of what the film is about. The story tells about Clark Kent, a young journalist, who discovers his real identity as a Kryptonian who was transported to Earth to be saved from the destruction of his planet. He then realizes that he got the power to save the Earth after the planet is attacked. And of course, there is Lois Lane, who is Clark’s love interest and alter-ego, and the enemies who come to destroy the world.

The spoilers

People are excited to find out how this film differs from the previous Superman series. Moreover, many are looking for Man of Steel spoilers to help them get the story ahead.

So what are the scenes and parts of the story which movie goers should watch out for? Well, to squeeze out some excitement, here are some of the rumoured Man of Steel spoilers:

Superman learns his origin

Clark discovers his hidden ship and Jonathan Kent, giving him its key, tells him about his real identity and where he came from. He also accidentally triggers Jor-El’s holograms which one describing Krypton, their planet, and another telling him about his suit and source of power.

Superman vs. General Zod

As expected from the movie, the climax is action-packed with our superhero facing the bad guys.
Here, Superman has to face General Zod and the robotic army which he reprograms to be under his control. He brings this troop with him to earth through a prison vessel.

The fight starts when General Zod finds out that Clark Kent is Superman and he attacks the Kents’ farm. However, according to a source, Jonathan Kent, Clark’s adoptive father, died but not because he was killed by Zod.

The robot army’s attacks on earth killed a lot leading to Clark’s decision to use his superpowers to save the planet.

Lois’ role

Another spoiler is that Lois Lane gets to know Clark’s secret early in the film. Also, she is the one who gives Clark the name “Superman” since he is originally called “the alien”.


Audience should not expect seeing kryptonite used against Superman. But yes it exists in the story. The element here is discovered and becomes subjected to study.

So much for now

June 14 is a long way to go and movie goers should expect more Man of Steel spoilers as the date draws nearer. Moreover, one thing that they should expect is that this film will surely relives their Superman craze.


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Superman would never kill the zod, as in all-star superman, he always finds a way.

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I would like zack snyder die for the good of humanity

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