Google Maps Surface back on iOS

Apple, the leading mobile development company, tried its way up this lane but got lost. May be for this reason it referred to the Google Maps this time. Yes! It’s true. Apple has finally given up on its map app and made way for Google. Soon after engaging in a long strife to get its map app right and losing considerable amount of good will in the process, Apple has finally bowed down. With not many users appreciating Apple’s own map, the gadget giant has given an approving nod to its arch-rival Google. Google maps have finally arrived at the iOS land!

google map on ios
google map surface
The horrid history of Apple’s own map app is known to all and needs no further narration, especially after the humiliating episode down under. Google Maps may have suffered losses, but Apple gained nothing of it- any credits at all. Apple went around promoting other apps, which opened up various avenues for other service providers and thus we witnessed the rise of likes of Nokia’s Here App.
With the support of millions of iOS users, happily adapted to the Google app, the technology giant will soon resume its top position, without many hassles. Users can now download Google Maps app from the App Store for free. The app clearly declares its superiority offering an array of features including voice guided turn-by-turn navigation, local search, clear maps, Street View, public transit directions et al. Though this new app from Google is meant for iPhone, but iPad users can access it too. The app also supports the latest version of iPhone and comes with a clear vector-based map display.
Just a few minutes after the launch of Google Maps, the app shot up to the top of App Store’s free applications list, contrary to Apple’s hope that users would either not hear about the app or won’t find it. To make thing simplistic, Google released an SDK for its developers, which allowed them to access Google Maps directly from within their apps, rather than using Apple’s App store.
With users turning heads towards Nokia and Google’s solutions, Apple has ample of time to quietly step back and repair its app in the background, especially when the rumors that Apple is acquiring TomTom won’t go away. The damage, however, has been done. The bad footprint has been made, never to go away.
By the time Apple brings its app back on track, we’ll likely be using iPhone 6 or iPhone 7. We will want to see ample new features, enticing enough to prompt us to use it. But don’t think that Google will sit still! Like any other web development company or IT firm in the market, Google will also make way for enhanced user-experience, may be by adding more business data or including more panorama 360 views. Whatever scenario may build up, the tussle amongst the giants is likely to continue for long, and that too for the good.

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