Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer preview

Windows 8 Consumer preview is now the most talk about operating system around the globe and also the latest product released by Microsoft last February 29,2012. Like other Microsoft products, Windows 8 Consumer preview also brings an excitement to companies, workers, students and people that really love games and it's all not just because of it's popularity, but because of it's new and like no other amazing features.

Windows 8 Consumer preview is the beta version of Windows 8 that design to focus more on the users and applications side and because of this, it allows people to do more things like connecting to friends and families using social technologies in new and powerful ways.

What are latest features of Windows 8 Consumer preview ?
  • Allows you to see and manage your emails in just one place wether it's Gmail or Hotmail.
  • Easy way to add applications: by just adding it to your Microsoft account
  • The beautiful clean and fluid design is perfect for a range of hardware.
  • New and cool user interface that is design for touchscreen devices.
  • It also incorporates the desktop/PC that you are familiar with.
  • Updated start button all information you care the most is already in one place like contacts , appointments and weather as well.
  • Real time updates that allows you to know the latest news,technologies and Events
  • It supports Advanced RISC Machine processor.
  • More games for users.
  • The feature of this is it's FREE.
Even though it's still in development process, people are still expecting this to have more and more features that would really catch the whole worlds attention.

Sad to say that this product will expire on January 15, 2013 but guys have no worries because the most anticipated Operating System of this year is coming this October 2012, Windows 8 so be updated and be on latest because that would be the next.


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