iPhone 5 Review

Apple has been dominating the Smartphone market since it released the original iPhone in 2007. Millions of consumers chose the said brand over its competitors and has set the bar for the competition. It drawn millions of sales and has revolutionized in the Smartphone industry. From the first iPhone to iPhone 4, Apple has done a great job in giving pleasure to its users. This year, Apple is bringing the new iPhone 5 into the table. Is it better and thinner? Let’s figure out on this iPhone 5 review!

iPhone 5 review

Build and Design
iPhone 5 is quite similar to iPhone 4S to the point of not being able to identify which is which from a distance. Their shapes are similar and the latest model from Apple also comes with a metal band alongside the edges and with rounded corners. But all the similarities end there.
iphone 5 size

If iPhone 4S is thin, light and comfortable to hold, iPhone 5 is thinner, lighter and even more comfortable. The device simply feels good to hold. It only weighs 3.9oz and is taller than its predecessor with its 4.9 x 2.3 x 0.3 inches dimension. Its size is comfy enough even for a one hand use which you cannot feel in its competitors.
Another good thing is, its 3.5 headphone port is placed at the bottom of the Smartphone which is akin to the iPod touch. Thus, while iPhone 5 is not really perfect in terms of physical appearance, it is a sleek and gorgeous phone worth spending for.
What sets Apple apart from its competitors is its ability to deliver fast performance and iPhone 5 is no exception. The newest Smartphone in town is faster than iPhone 4S and with better battery life. Its graphics performance is even superb. All these are powered by the latest A6 processor.
While you cannot really notice an improvement in speed on applications that don’t require processor speed, Twitter and Facebook for instance, iPhone 5 has an edge over 4S when it comes to running Maps in 3D. iPhone 5 is relatively faster and performs without lags.
Relevant Features
iPhone 5 has various features that will certainly bring pleasure to smartphone savvies. However, this iPhone 5 review will only feature the most relevant ones. Read on to know a few of them!
Fine! Apple Maps is still a disappointment, but the giant company has make up for it by making Google Maps downloadable to all iPhones and iPads. It brings all the features that users will surely love especially with the new addition of turn-by-turn navigations. Though a new interface has been introduced, the said app is easy to use.
On top of the map, users can see a search bar where you can find almost everything. Google Maps performs smoother and faster in iPhone 5 making your search for a location very fast and easy. More so, the 3D Flyover Mode is so wonderful. In the essence, Apple delivers the best map app thus far.
As always, Apple remains one of the best providers of smartphones with best email clients. It still offer a simple and organized email clients but with the newly VIP box. With iPhone 5, you will know when a person you mark as VIP sends an email. It will appear as a pop-up notification and will be placed under the VIP inbox.
Siri, known as a voice-recognition system, delivers a new improvement this year. It now responds faster with more accurate data searching and speech recognition. You can already use it in posting updates in Twitter and Facebook. With Siri, you can also get facts on sports statistics and updates when your favorite team is playing.
iphone 5 siri
Apple’s Passbook allows you to have a virtual wallet. It helps you collect and organized digital tickets and coupons. Though it is still considered incomplete, many companies are now working with it including airports such as Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines, United Airlines and Lufthansa. When you checked-in over the internet, your boarding pass can be sent to your Passbook, so long your departure airport uses the said technology. Your boarding pass will be sent in an e-mail as attachment.
iphone 5 camera
Like its predecessors, iPhone 5 has an amazing camera. Even with its thinner body, it takes excellent and sharp photos. With its iOS 6, users can take panoramic pictures. It can even direct you in panning the cross ways of a large view and can stitch pictures to 30 megapixels. In terms of videos, iPhone 5 is awesome as well. It can record videos at 1080p resolution.
Additionally, the front-facing camera of iPhone 5 was upgraded from the earlier VGA cameras and was named the FaceTime camera. When taking self-portraits or video chatting, your face can be seen in a higher detail.
The bottom line
While some people said that iPhone 5 is not as ground-breaking as it should be, there is nothing wrong with the said smartphone. It is the best mobile device Apple has ever released. It is worth spending for especially with the upgrades the giant company has made, not to mention all the great features it possess. Besides, what more can you expect when Apple has already provided the best and has achieved what users need and anticipate? They are just upgrading to make things easier and more luxurious for us. The bottom line is, iPhone 5 is a great choice!

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