Where to watch NBA live for FREE: Top 10

A lot of my friends are asking me what are those sites that I’m always visiting just to get every single latest update about the most followed sport in the world, The NBA (National Basketball Association). People from United States and Canada easily got an update on the things that are happening on and outside the court but how about those fans living from outside US?  They are just getting updates via newspapers, TV and social networking sites like Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter. Yes, they have their site nba.com and is open for everyone to get some updates about the game like score, play by play and highlights but  ss you all know, those details that are being relayed from those sources are not enough to really know what‘s exactly going on. 

So to help them get the updates that they really want, I decided to write an article about where to watch NBA live for FREE: Top 10.

Watch NBA live for free
NBAs Greatest Player of All Time - Kobe Bryant

Below are the Top 10 list of the most visited sites where you can watch not just Basketball but also some other international sports like Football and Hockey. Most of the sites below are offering quality of videos that are good enough for you to enjoy watching the game and the very good thing about these sites is that even though they have a massive amount of visitors and streamers, the quality is still good especially if you have a faster internet connection. Some of these sites as well are offering a high quality videos and a faster streaming but you need to pay around $20 - $30 / month or by day depending on the package they are offering.

So to makes it short here it is, the Top 10 list of sites where you can watch NBA live For Free:


I hope this list is helpful to you, Enjoy you’re streaming and for those of you, who have their own list of websites where NBA fans can stream live games for, please do share them below by leaving your comment. It would really be a great help for all of us.

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