Latest list of Best place to Go Outdoor activities

Outdoor activities help us to know more about the place and people. You will have best relaxation time. Plan effectively to make your trip successful. It includes physical activities like jumping, running, walking, cycling etc. You can not only have fun but can also improve your health status. List of best places to go outdoor activities include

Ely, Minnesota

Ely, Minnesota You will have finest adventure experience by visiting Ely in US. It is the popular outdoor place which is famous for canoeing, biking, fishing, hiking and Snowshoeing. It’s open all round the year. If you visit the place in winter, you can have nice ice fishing experience, during summer you can paddle through the lake. It is popularly known as Waterman’s paradise which is the home for different lakes. Apart from fishing, canoeing it is the home place for bike and hiking trails.

Southern Bohemia, Czech Republic

Southern Bohemia, Czech Republic If you want to have a great experience of hiking then visit southern Bohemia. The hills of Bohemia are occupied by full of trees where you can enjoy the nature apart from hiking and biking. You can have memorable hiking through densely wooded forest. If you want to know about the European culture, stay in Prague and Vienna.

Washington DC

Washington DC Washington is the best place for adventurous activities. Promatic River in the heart of the city is the perfect place for sailing, canoeing, kayaking and rowing. Great walls, Virginia and Washington state forest are the best location for mountain biking and hiking. To have a wonderful evening visit Shenanadoah National park. Rock Creek Park is an excellent spot for roller-skating, horseback riding, biking and hiking.

North Conway

North Conway To have best mountain climbing experiences spend your time in North Conway. One of the world’s highest mountains, Mount Washington is located here. Some of the popular events include hiking, climbing, kayaking and rock climbing. Tuckerman River is one of the prominent spot for hiking that has a longest elevation of 4000 feet.

Durango Colorado

Durango Colorado It is the hometown for various outdoor activities. Rockies is an amazing location for ice climbing, mountain biking, hiking, and skiing. Durango is covered by the San Juan Mountain. You can visit Anasazia, which is an ancient apartment with underground rooms a place for religious ceremonies.


Boone Boone is a remarkable place for outdoor activities. Plan your trip in the summer as this is the coolest place. Its temperature will be around 80 degrees Fahrenheit during summer. It is covered with beautiful parks, rivers and mountains which makes your trip more memorable. It provides four-seasons adventurous activities. For example at Pisgah national forest you can have fun with mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking. Nolichucky and French board are the excellent destinations for rafting and canoeing.

Costa Brava, Spain

Costa Brava, Spain To have a great beach experience visit Costa Brava in Spain. You can enjoy the nature and can have quiet fishing fun. Cadaque is the place located on the top of the mountain which is the home town for artists. You can relish outdoor activities with much fun in Costa Brava. It is not only the place for mountain adventures but is located on the Mediterranean Sea where you can have an excellent biking experience.

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