How do cloud servers work?

There are many different types of cloud servers and we use them every day without really thinking about it. Picture storing and sharing sites, email providers such as Hotmail, film sites such as Netflix, and major sites like YouTube and Facebook are just a few examples of huge companies who rely on cloud storage.

They all store their data in the cloud, so that you, the end user can see content without having to download weighty files to your hard drive.

Cloud server
Cloud hosting

Signing up to a cloud hosting service enables you to do the same thing on a personal or business level. Cloud servers store all your information so when it comes to looking after your own data you can do it without taking up space on your own hard drive. If you run a business or website, you do not have to own your own server in order to push your information across the web. Cloud servers do this for you.

Some cloud servers allow you to use programs without having to own the programs yourself. For example, you may be able to use the latest versions of text and spreadsheets and a whole range of specialist computer programs, making this a cost effective solution to software needs.

At its most simple a cloud server can be simply one data centre, holding all your information on their physical equipment – servers and hard drives. When you want to access your information, you call it up via your web-based interface.

In most cases, cloud servers are made up from a network of hundreds or even thousands of data servers. All your information is mirrored and stored on multiple data servers so that delivery to you is seamless. Even if one server goes down or requires maintenance, you can rest assured that your information is still safe and accessible.

Cloud servers are generally located in many different geographic locations and may be spread around the world. These vast data storage centers, many the size of a warehouse do not advertise their locations. Careful storage, cooling systems and secure racking keep the cloud servers running and is a specialized highly technical business.

Cloud servers use a range of practices to ensure that all data is safe. Information is encrypted which means that a complicated algorithm is used to protect your data and can only be decoded by use of an encryption key.

 There will also be a series of authorization protocols to ensure that data is only viewed by people who are authorized to do so. For example, a big company using cloud servers for all their business needs can limit information to only be available to named users.

A minor employee or disgruntled ex employee will not be able to access sensitive protected information.

Cloud servers are becoming increasingly popular. With the growing use of handheld devices such as tablets, more and more people need to access and work online, uncluttered by “stuff”. Cloud servers offer you the world of computer technology from where ever you happen to be, all delivered at a much lower cost than ever before.

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